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Steve desperately trying to high five Bucky in Captain America: The Winter Soldier



Prep him.

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Brand new 11x17 Winter Soldier print debuting at SacAnime this weekend!

I usually feel weird about hanging up my own art, but dammit, I’m super pleased with this one. It’s going up on the wall.

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the kind you s a   v  e
the kind you s a   v  e
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So, I was looking forward to reading Bitter March, but it's recently come to my attention that it was written by Rick Remender. All things Winter Soldier make me want to jump up and down and fire confetti cannons etc but I know that Remender's writing can be highly questionable. So, in a nutshell, is Bitter March worth reading?

So Rick Remender has his problems. Some pretty major problems. I don’t take his killing of female characters too seriously because a) it’s a pathetic plot device that tbh shows lazy writing and b) no one stays dead in comics, but the fact that he IS killing a lot of them is the problem, and someone should maybe pull him aside and say PSSST REMENDER YOU CAN PROVIDE YOUR MALE CHARACTERS WITH MOTIVATION IN WAYS OTHER THAN SACRIFICING WOMEN ON THE ALTAR OF UNORIGINALITY.

(tbh I’m also pissed off at him for ~reversing Steve’s Super Soldier Serum~ because that’s only been done two dozen times.)

But man, Bitter March is a phenomenal book.

I really, really enjoyed it. Everything from the story to the characterization to the art. The art especially. It’s a great mini-series that tells a lost story from Bucky’s past, with a handful of excellent moments*. It brings in some of the new mythology from the movie, as well as ALL OF THE EMOTIONAL TERRORISM. There is one part in particular, where Bucky is forced to briefly remember who he is, that had be sobbing big gross tears all over my comic. Be warned, there are some female characters in it that do not make it out alive, but if I remember correctly, they are not ‘fridged’, ie: killed to provide motivation to a male character. They are collateral damage, as well as a lot of male characters, because you’re dealing with the Winter Fucking Soldier.

So in a nutshell (A REALLY FUCKING BIG NUTSHELL SORRY), yeah you should read it. I read it, bought it, and loved it. My favorite Bucky store since he punched a bear in that Russian Gulag. Remender is guilty of some seriously poor writing a lot of the time, but he has some good stories in him. See also: X-Force Dark Angel Saga.

Buy it. I did!

*there’s a part where he beats the shit out of old boring white nick fury in the 60s and tbh it’s pretty fucking satisfying.

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Bucky Barnes: The Winter Soldier exclusive pages


This looks so awesome!

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Captain America 2 : The Winter Soldier | Everybody Wants To Rule The World

…WHOA. now that’s good editing.

Holy shit. That’s amazing.

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Starting on some cards for A.C.E!

Starting on some cards for A.C.E!

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did you just

okay but pierce did YOU want milk? because you poured like an inch of milk i don’t think anyone in this scene wanted milk.

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On duty . i ‘d better practice more monochrome pic


On duty . i ‘d better practice more monochrome pic

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