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God, I hate doing this.

We (My girlfriend and I) had to take our cat, Bruce, to the emergency vet tonight. 

He has a urinary tract infection, which if left in male cats can be fatal. We caught it early and it looks like he’s going to be okay. Our bank account, on the other hand, is not.

We just had to replace the brakes in our car ($500, two days ago), which we are trying to pay off. If we hadn’t pre-bought Avengers tickets, we wouldn’t have been able to afford to go last night. Now we’re looking at up to $1000 in vet bills, and we have absolutely no way to pay them. So for the first time in my life, I’m offering comissions.

Asking to get paid for my work gives me panic attacks like you wouldn’t believe. It freaks me out. So that gives you an idea of how badly we’re hurting. So here’s what I’m offering!


 - 900x600 pixel drawing, up to five figures, full color with a simple background = $10 

Additional full figure characters = + $2

Detailed background = + $10

Example: 1 - 2

Background detail: 1

 - 450x450 pixel drawing of one or two characters, full figure, simple background = $5

Additional full figure character = + $2

Detailed background = + $5

Example: 1 - 2 - 3

- Full 1130x914 pixel comic page. Any fandom or original characters. Detailed backgrounds, full color and text, no character limit = $40

Example: 1 - 2 (These are obviously from my webcomic, but I will happily do fandom, your script or mine)


Small, two-frame animated gifs = $5

Additional frames - $2 each.

Example (two frame) - 1 - 2

Example (multiple frame) - 1

All drawings (and gifs, obviously) will be digital image files. If you want a signed print, message me, and we can work out a price.


So that’s that. That’s what I can offer. I know it’s not much, and I’m far from the best artist out there, but guys I really need your help. On top of all of this, we need to find somewhere new to live within the next few months, and I have NO idea how to afford it. Please help us, I will draw the SHIT out of anything you want! Please signal boost if  you can!

(For those that are here without a tumblr, you can contact me at tinygunners (at) gmail (dot) com.)

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