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This probably sounds like a stupid question, but do you buy comic books each time they come out or can you get a subscription like a magazine? I might actually be able to start reading some if someone else was in charge of me getting them instead of me remembering, lol. :)

If you have a local comic store, you can make what’s called a ‘pull list’. This is basically an up-to-date list of the comics you want, and your LCS will pull them for you and put them in a folder every week, so you don’t miss out! Then you can just go in once a week (new comics come out on a wednesday), and buy them!

If you want to know what books are coming out on a weekly basis, this is the site I use! Pull lists are also a really good idea because they will ensure that you get a book that might otherwise be sold out, and everything on your list will be pre-ordered. And as we all know, pre-order numbers are what shows a company that a book is popular!

(Also some stores offer discounts based on how many books are on your list. So. Worth it!)

I hope that helped!

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