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RE: your art style. Colorful, first of all. Just beautifully, boldly, wonderfully fucking colorful. Bold thick lines and curves everywhere. Not to mention the sassiest eyes/eyebrow combinations in all the land.

HAHA thank you bby :) I try so hard to INJECT COLOR IN EVERYTHING and it never feels like enough, so I’m very glad to hear that it comes through :)


2 days ago on April 13th, 2014 | J | 6 notes
You're drawing style is cute and I think it influenced mine o__o (I started to give my chibis O shaped heads instead of U's with hair)

Haha, good to hear :) O HEADS FOR LYFE

2 days ago on April 13th, 2014 | J | 4 notes
cartoony, fun, clean and I looove your line work <3 <3 <3


You’re my ~inspiration bby. I used to stalk you so hard on tumblr and now YOU HAVE SLEPT AT MY HOUSE.

Wow that’s a creepy sentence all written out like this.

2 days ago on April 13th, 2014 | J | 14 notes
So I want to cosplay the winter soldier. Help me, I'm nervous, like I plan on going to a con in November, but I'm really nervous about going in cosplay, like what if I look bad or someone gets angry at me. Also is there any series in particular I should buy to know more about the winter soldier, because he seems really awesome, and I'm rambling sorry. Have a nice day

Hey! I’m afraid I don’t cosplay, so I can’t really help you with that one. I can tell you that if someone gets angry at you, you grab them by the front of their shirt, pull them in close, give them your best Dead Winter Soldier Eyes and whisper 'winter is coming…'

Because fuck them, you’re not cosplaying for them. You’re doing it for you, and for love of the character.

And for comics about Mr Bucky Barnes, check out the post I just made! There’s lots there to help :)

1 week ago on April 9th, 2014 | J | 15 notes
Hello! So, I'm not a huge comic book reader BUT, The Winter Soldier gave me feelings. A LOT of feelings. So I want to read the comic and you seem like the person to ask so, on Amazon I found The Winter Soldier - The Ultimate Collection by Ed Brubaker. Is that the one to get? ^__^ Any help would be greatly appreciated and I'm sorry to bother you!

Not a problem at all, I’m happy to help!

That is INDEED the one you need! It’s the one I have (my last few paperback editions fell apart from over-reading….) and it is SO gorgeous. There’s some concept art in the back, and Ed Brubaker’s original pitch for bringing Bucky back. 

After that, you’re going to want to get Red Menace: Ultimate Edition, which is the follow up to Winter Soldier!

Edit: Whoops! I should mention that my wife just put up a most excellent and helpful guide of what to read next in order to re-live the wonderfulness of Winter Soldier. Find it here!

1 week ago on April 8th, 2014 | J | 52 notes
A week ago, I went to my LCS (and watched Cap2, it was sooo good <3) and asked if they could order me the two old Hawkeye TPBs (those with ToS #57 etc in it) and they said that those books were out of stock and out of print and that they can't order them for me, but when I look on Amazon I still can find those books there. Now I'm confused, does this just mean that my LCS isn't able to order them, or is Amazon playing tricks on me? ;-;

It means that your LCS is unable to order them back in, but Amazon still has them in stock :) 

Order them from Amazon: I think they’re the old Marvel Masterworks and holy shit, TOS #57 is HILARIOUS.

1 week ago on April 8th, 2014 | J | 4 notes
Hi Flatbear! Can I ask if you ever get conflicting 'Totally owned you, disbelieving fanboy' and 'I shouldn't have to prove my fangirl abilities to you' feelings at the same time? I was challenged at Cap 2 the other week, proudly displayed my fangirl talents of remembering stuff about comics and then went; wait, why am I trying to prove myself to you, strange fanboy person? It's never happened before and it was very weird. :/

First up, well done, you. Well done for realising that there’s absolutely no rule out there that states that you have to play the game invented by these unbelieveable fucksticks.

I understand that the temptation is there, and sometimes nothing feels better than whipping out your beaten copy of Winter Soldier and screaming WELL ACTUALLY ROBERT REDFORD’S CHARACTER FILLED THE ROLE PLAYED BY LUKIN IN THE BOOK, WHO IN TURN WAS ACTUALLY THE RED SKULL, SO HYDRA HAS ALWAYS HAD A PRESENCE IN THE LIFE OF THE WINTER SOLDIER but at the end of the day, the only reason why asshole fanboys (and there ARE lovely fanboys, take my bro dragonklaw82 for one) act like that is because they’re afraid. Afraid that some weird new thing with breasts and a mind of her own is going to topple him from his seat of nerd knowledge.

But sometimes, man, it’s just not worth it. So good on you for realising that you don’t have an obligation to prove who you are, but sometimes, yeah, it feels good.

(Can I tell you a secret? I’ve never encountered that. Maybe it’s because I look mean. Maybe it’s because I’m a big, solid pacific island girl and if someone challenges me, there’s a good chance I will just sit on them until they cry. Maybe it’s because I stand on the other side of the comic store counter like I own the place, and because I am Not Quiet About My Opinions. But seriously, you did me proud by encountering something like that, standing up to it, but also realising that you’re not obligated to play their game. Well done!)

1 week ago on April 8th, 2014 | J | 61 notes
I went to see Winter Soldier yesterday, and me and my boyf came home and rolled around for hours talking about feelings and awesomeness. That night I dreamed that we'd turned into you and Mary because the depths of our feels started to match yours. I was a pretty rubbish lesbian, but it was worth it for Winter Soldier :)

marchingjaybird! Our Bucky feels have permeated the dreams and subconscious of our followers!

It’s working…

1 week ago on April 8th, 2014 | J | 27 notes
My assumption is that you have a really strong NZ accent because it makes me happy and feel at home (i'm australian)

Not anymore! I WISH I still did, but it’s really faded. It’s come back right now, because I’ve been hanging out with my family for three days - I’m saying Mummy again!

It sticks around on numbers and a few other words, but for the most part, my family tells me I sound so American now ;)

1 week ago on April 8th, 2014 | J | 9 notes
I assume that you love cobbbllleerrrrrr. :-D (Also: I assume that you, my friend, enjoy some doofus known as Hawkguy? IDK.)

You assume correct on both counts!


1 week ago on April 7th, 2014 | J | 6 notes
I assume you'll draw more Winter Soldier & Cap & Natasha & Falcon & Fury. But what if Thranduil met them? I assume you may already have thought of that & have an opinion.


1 week ago on April 7th, 2014 | J | 13 notes
I assume you've been reading superhero comics since you were really young.

Kind of! I grew up in New Zealand, and there wasn’t much access to superhero comics for me, so my dad would read me the strips that came in the Newspapers - The Shadow, The Phantom, The Spirit, and some chopped up Iron Man pages.

I had a few film adaptation comics - the first Batman movie, Star Wars, The Secret of Nihm, but I never really got into comics comics until I moved to the US, when I was 19!

1 week ago on April 7th, 2014 | J | 5 notes
I s'ppose I just assume that you are the internet mama of comics and fun drawings?

I’m pretty happy with that assumption!

1 week ago on April 7th, 2014 | J | 15 notes
I assume you're the most adorbs

1 week ago on April 7th, 2014 | J | 10 notes
So, question. Multiple parts. A) I believe I've got a crush on deadpool, where do I start with him? Or to whom should I ask?

The first thing you need to do is go to a hospital and get all of the medications for all of the diseases because Deadpool.

Next up, check out my Deadpool tag, there’s a lot in there! This is also a great time to come in, because his current ongoing serious just got a great new jumping on point, and that was only two issues ago, so it’s very easy to catch up.

Good luck!

1 week ago on April 7th, 2014 | J | 15 notes