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I'm excited. After seeing your Daredevil drawings, I'm finally going to read Mark Waid's run. Scratch that, I'm scared. I've been reading indie comics for so long, that I think I might burn to ash if I go back to Marvel. I beseech thee, Flatbear, to give me the strength to love Matt Murdock's beautiful parkour... pretty please?

YOU CAN DO IT MY DARLING. This is a GREAT book to start out on. Gorgeous, non-traditional art, a great take on a character, and interesting stories. Very self-contained.

You can do it. And remember - THIS ISN’T A PHASE FRANK PARKOUR IS MY LIFE NOW.

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well, since an AMAZING new episode of the show Gravity Falls just premiered, I can´t help but request a doodle of Mabel or Dipper Pines. I don´t know if you´ve ever watched it, but it´s a quirky lil cartoon.

faves for life. the rainbow-puking gnome is the funniest thing I HAVE EVER SEEN

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uh you know tolkien's elves were white


uh you know Elves aren’t actually real but I don’t see you pissing on Tolkien’s grave so~

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could you draw Moon Knight in one of his new costumes?

too cool for khonshu

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Stefon from SNL

it’s like…that thing…of when one of my favorite customers…asks me to draw my favorite SNL character…

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Now I want to see superman with a lacy thong on the outside of his costume. Or any other male superhero that traditionally had undies on the outside of their costume.




Paging dr-kara.

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Psssst. Hi, I am from Maine. I went to the people's climate march in New York yesterday, and met two girls from Ashville there, and asked if they knew of comic envy/you and they said they did. Idk, I thought it was pretty neat. Also I love your art.

WHAT THAT IS SO FUCKING AWESOME! I saw a bunch of pictures from the march and it looked AMAZING.

Yaaaay people know my little store :)

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I was so happy to meet you at ACE! We gad a great time. What I didn't really get a chance to say is that my Captain Marvel dress only exists because of you. The only comic I'd ever read was Batwoman, in trades, and I stopped when that whole thing happened. But there you were, on my dash, talking about how amazing Captain Marvel was, and comics in general. And then you'd talk about how to buy them, and not being afraid. And I decided I wanted to and could. And I loved them. So, thank you.

OH HONEY. This is the most amazing, lovely thing. Seeing your beautiful gown (and the GORGEOUS gowns of your friends) was the absolute highlight of my day, and I have had dozens of people tell me the same.

That is so very sweet of you to say, and for the second time, you’ve made my day <3

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Hair, windpipe, wrists

Hair and wrists are done!

Windpipe: Do I sing? Not any more! I used to sing pretty well, and then I broke half my face and during recovery, fell out of practice. It was when I was 13 or 14 I think, so it was right in the middle of puberty and I didn’t have a chance to adjust to my changing~ body. Now I am COMPLETELY TONE DEAF! Oh god so bad.

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I love samurai pizza cats! That show was always my favorite when I was little, and I love the theme song.


IT WAS SO GOOD. ugh I miss that show. Speedy 5life

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Hair and chest!


Hair: done!

Chest: Do I have strong maternal/paternal instincts? Nah. Not really. More of an aunt.

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hands and wrists?

Hands: Am I am Artist/Writer? HO HO. I ART OFTEN. I am a /terrible/ writer.

Wrists: Have I ever broken a bone? From top to bottom: nosex3, eye socket, cheekbone, jaw, collarbone, all fingers (some x2), six ribs, tailbone, shattered both kneecaps (both replaced), broken every toe (right big toe x2)


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Hair, eyes, fingers

Hair: I look best with red hair! Like a nice burgundy red. I love having teal bangs. My hair is naturally FRIGHTENINGLY GINGER, but it’s darkened to a kind of…copperish mousy brown over the years. I like to dye it ho ho.

Eyes: My favorite show to watch? Right now it’s Criminal Minds. Basically whatever’s new and interesting on Netflix. I will and have watched through 30 Rock and Parks&Rec dozens of times. My all-time favorite show is Samurai Pizza Cats…

Fingers: Do I play an instrument? I used to play drums and bass, but I had to leave my gear in NZ so it’s been years, and I probably couldn’t anymore. I can play passable button accordion and I used to sing soprano 2, but I smashed up the side of my face and lost that. HOORAY!

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I live in the Triangle, I was planning on coming up for ACE. But now that I'm trying to reserve a hotel room, I'd really rather not pay for two nights, so I'm trying to figure out if we might drive up the morning of, or home that evening. But I can't find any information anywhere about timing, either what time the doors open/close or when (or what) any panels might be. I really want to make it, but the longer I dither the less likely it is that I'll make it at all. Do you know anything? Thanks!

HEY! Sorry it took me a little while to answer this, I was completely updating the website!

You can find answers to all of your questions right here!

A.C.E opens at 11am and closes at 6pm, and the panel schedule is now up under the events menu!

Come see us! i would LOVE to meet you! And you can see me and dr-kara do a panel with Janet K. Lee!

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