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For your curious followers it's Maori language week in NZ right now and there's lots of Word of the Day stuff going around Twitter.

Oh that’s awesome, thank you so much! The shit I miss when I leave home :(

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You have an odd accent. It sounds like a mix of NZ-American? Or just a sort of flat American. As a kiwi it threw me a bit o.O did you move overseas somewhere or...?


NZ-American! I moved from the Kapiti Coast to North Carolina almost nine years ago :) It’s faded HARD, especially in the last few years. I usually talk with someone for five minutes or so before they go WOAH WAIT WHERE THE FUCK ARE YOU FROM.

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ooooooooh. So in Maori, the r is treated like a r/l sound, same as in Japanese?

More like a d, with a purr. There is no L in te reo Maori, so there’s really no need for the sound. I’m about to put up a voice recording which I think might help understand :)

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Flatbear, what is the proper pronunciation of Maori?


Oh this is a tricky one! The easiest way I can write it, phonetically, is mou-ree. it should rime with faux. Roll the r HARD. So that it almost sounds like a d. Mou-dee. If you’re not raised with the specific sounds (like nga), they can be hard to pick up.

Don’t say mao-ree. The mo or mou sound important. That’s where you have to hit it. When I hear someone say mao-ree it makes my skin crawl!

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That post reminded me of when there was a petition going around to stop UH's Rainbow Warriors football team from performing their haka before each game because "it was too intimidating". Great info on the Maori stuff! :)


it’s pretty fucking scary, ngl.

And thanks, dude! I’m by no means an expert, but getting to talk and teach other people about the culture I come from makes me feel good :) Makes me feel closer to home. A way of making up for being an ignorant little punk about it when I was growing up. You never know how much something means to you until it’s gone!

Incidentally, did you know where the Rainbow Warrior name comes from? THE FUCKING FRENCH BLEW UP OUR PEACE BOAT.

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Oh my goodness, Mary and I's birthdays are one day apart! :D

What! Clearly you must be awesome as well :)

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I've been in your shop a couple of times with my boyfriend and you guys are seriously the nicest ever. That Thor info sheet is so awesome, especially for someone like me. I really want to start reading comics, but they seem pretty overwhelming and I have trouble knowing where to start sometimes D: I just wanted to say thanks for looking out for newcomers like me, and helping us feel welcome in the world of comics!

Aw honey thank you so much! That’s lovely to hear :) Come introduce yourself next time, I would love to talk comics with you!

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PST! I am gonna be in Asheville the first weekend of August for a wedding, and I was wondering when would be the optimal times to come to your shop to meet you! Also what else should I do while I am there?

HELL YEAH! Okay so the first week of August I…..shit, I won’t be there half of it. Mary’s birthday is August 5th so I’ll be off either the 4th and 5th or the 5th and 6th. The 7th is my usual day off and I don’t work the weekends. So I will be there…..August 1st and August 8th, MAYBE the 4th or the 6th o.O Hopefully you can catch me!

I reccomend….gosh, everything! The Biltmore House, the arboretum, the nature center, going up on the parkway, going out to Brevard and hiking to the waterfalls, and going downtown! Downtown is lovely, and the food THE FOOD!

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Momma Flatbear, how does one become happy in life, love and work like you?


Oh darling. I’m not happy. I mean, I am, most of the time, but I’m not always happy.

Sometimes my job is hard. Sometimes it’s emotionally exhausting and depressing and a little scary and I wish I could lock the doors and not have to deal with the disgusting, bigoted opinions of some people, or the pedantic, irritating demands of others. I know I am very, very lucky to have an incredible boss and a great customer base, but it’s not always fun. It’s hard. It’s emotional. I put my heart into my store and sometimes it breaks.

Sometimes life is hard. I’m in pain all of the time, I can’t afford to do the things that I want to do. I miss my family, I’m so far away from them. I sabotage myself as an artist every day by either setting lofty goals that I can’t achieve, or telling myself that I’ll never get there anyway so why even try. I don’t like the way that I look, some days I flat-out hate it.

Sometimes you have to fight for love. Mary and I fight, we disagree on things, we upset eachother, we hurt eachother. We are two very headstrong people and it’s not easy for either of us to back down. Sometimes we yell and scream and throw things and scare the cats and don’t speak to eachother and sit on the bed and cry.

But look, here’s the thing. Sometimes I am happy. Sometimes I am so genuinely happy that I could burst. When I’m not, I lie to myself until I believe that I am. Because you have to. Some days that’s all you can do. You just have to keep moving forward.

Keep moving forward, anon. Leave the bad days in your dust. When the last one is a speck on the horizon behind you, the next one will be easier to deal with. When you see  the next bad day coming, you tell yourself ‘Okay, today I am going to tell myself that I am happy, and tomorrow I will be.’

That’s how I stay happy. I fight for it tooth and nail, sometimes I tell myself I am when I’m not. It gets easier. I promise :)

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on a scale of 1 to 10, how excited are you for aou?


A solid 5. I enjoyed the first Avengers, the further away from it I get, the more I realise how fucking stupid the plot was. But the characters were…mostly what I wanted, so I was happy enough. Also Hulk.

I’m cautiously optimistic. I don’t care about Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver, but I’m happy they sent Clint after them. It’s a nice shoutout to all three of them joining the big A back in the comics. I’m really excited to get a chance to see Hawkeye be Hawkeye. I’m sick of Tony Stark. RHODEY! I wish Thor’s hair was changing as much as Natasha’s.

So yeah, a solid 5. I want it to be good, I HOPE it will be good. I have exactly 0 faith in Joss Whedon when it comes to most things. It’s hard to imagine a movie better than Winter Soldier ;)

But I think it will be good :)

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I've seen a few panels from a Next Avengers comic. Do you know/have an opinion on if it's any good? And which Marvel timeline it's in?

There are a LOT of New Avengers comics, so I’m not sure which one you saw! The current series, I won’t lie, I’m not reading. I can’t keep up with all of those Avengers books. I hear it’s pretty decent, but I’m kind of over the whole SMART MEN OF THE MARVEL UNIVERSE RUNNING IT FROM BEHIND THE SCENES PLOT TWIST THEY’RE ALL DICKS storyline.

If it’s the new one, it’s in the normal 616 continuity :)

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How sad were you to see that Rick Remender is going to be writing Sam Wilson as the new Captain America?

I’m more sad that I have zero interest in any of Marvel’s big announcements. Thanks to some sleuthing by dragonklaw82, Falcon as cap was no big surprise, I just wish it wasn’t on the heels of the world’s most over-used Captain America plot - Steve Gets De-Serumed.

It would be cool if Steve had handed over the shield because Sam was worthy, in his eyes. Because he felt that Sam was the cap for this new age.

It would be cool if Thor had seen a brave woman valiantly defending others and had given her mjolnir and deemed her worthy instead of it feeling like a woman can stand in his shoes only after he has been disgraced and humiliated.

idk. none of it’s really doing it for me.

petition for a Valkyrie solo title 2014. Or marvel putting any of this marketing effort into their existing female characters. You know what would have been cool to announce? Storm’s getting a solo series. Or the multiple printings that Black Widow is going to. Or the continued inspiration and motivation Captain Marvel inspires in her fanbase.

announcing any of those on a show not known for it’s 99% female viewership would have been cool too. something about that bugs me.

I dunno. I want to be excited. There are some things about the new Thor that I like. I just…..everything feels like a new shiny treat to be waved in the face of the elusive ‘new reader’ while existing characters are ignored. Patriot would have been a great new Cap. If you want to capitalize on the success of Winter Soldier, give Falcon his own book. Then there would be FIVE poc-led books at Marvel.

Sorry this got away from me o.O Comics are an emotional rollercoaster and I’m sitting firmly on one of the loooooow tracks right now.

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Question! You tagged Avengers 2 as aoa (twice), and I'm not sure why. Did you mean aou? Or did you really mean aoa? Because I keep thinking of Age of Apocalypse. I hope I don't sound douchey; the internet is sometimes not the best place to not be able to show emotions.

Hah yeah, sorry. I was thinking of Age of Apocalypse.

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Sorry to seem dumb, but what's so scary about that picture you just posted? I've been looking for something odd, but I guess I just don't see it.


The lady is shaking out a sheet, and that sheet looks like a damn ghostie. Scary as balls.

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What do you do when you have an OTP but then it stops being an OTP and you just don't care about the source material or the fandom anymore


oh honey you’re preaching to the choir. That’s my life with Steve and Tony right now. I just…..ugh. Between massive overexposure in the movie universe and Tony being a rat bastard in the comics, I just….eh. Eh. Not for me anymore.

Sad brainwashed cyborgs is where it’s at!

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