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Sorry but I need some help. I work in a comic shop, which is great most of the time, except for one employee. A while ago he made a comment that made me feel unsafe working with him (about how he gets why men kill women who friend zone them) - (1/2)


(2/2) - after rejecting him myself. I told my bosses and they don’t schedule us together but also say they feel bad about not telling him WHY we can’t work together and want to explain why to him. And I don’t know how to tell them how gross that is

3/2) I love the shop I work at but I don’t know if I can continue there when the owners prioritize his (a long personal friend of theirs but shit employee) feelings over my safety.

Oh honey, I am so so sorry that you had to deal with that (and that it took me a few days to answer you, I’m so sorry!)

While it’s a good thing that your employers took your complaints and concerns seriously, enough to ensure you wouldn’t be around him anymore, that’s literally almost the least they can do, the least being nothing. If they haven’t talked to him about his behavior, and requested that he change it, and/or apologise, nothing is going to change. Any female he works with or talks to in the future runs the risk of hearing the same scary, threatening opinions.

If I were you, and I no longer felt safe in my place of work, I would leave. I understand that, given the current job market, leaving at will may not be an option for some people, and of course you may not want to leave a job that you otherwise enjoy.

One of the realities, for good points and bad, is that most comic book stores are independently owned and are therefore not subject to corporate anti-harassment rules and regulations. I’m not sure if there is a higher authority (store owner etc) that you can take this to in the hopes that something change.

If you feel like you have to leave, I would try to schedule a meeting with your employers/store owner, and explain to them why you have to leave. Explain to them that you feel threatened, you are concerned that they are not talking to him about his violent and misogynistic attitude, and you are worried that he will say something to future female employees/customers. The serious threat of your imminent departure may make them realize that he is a problem, and could cause them future prblems. If not, you can leave knowing that you have done everything you can.

I wish you the best of luck, my dear. This is a horrible situation and I am truly sorry you had to experience that. If you ever need to vent, or you just need some support, my ask box is always open.

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So, I was looking forward to reading Bitter March, but it's recently come to my attention that it was written by Rick Remender. All things Winter Soldier make me want to jump up and down and fire confetti cannons etc but I know that Remender's writing can be highly questionable. So, in a nutshell, is Bitter March worth reading?

So Rick Remender has his problems. Some pretty major problems. I don’t take his killing of female characters too seriously because a) it’s a pathetic plot device that tbh shows lazy writing and b) no one stays dead in comics, but the fact that he IS killing a lot of them is the problem, and someone should maybe pull him aside and say PSSST REMENDER YOU CAN PROVIDE YOUR MALE CHARACTERS WITH MOTIVATION IN WAYS OTHER THAN SACRIFICING WOMEN ON THE ALTAR OF UNORIGINALITY.

(tbh I’m also pissed off at him for ~reversing Steve’s Super Soldier Serum~ because that’s only been done two dozen times.)

But man, Bitter March is a phenomenal book.

I really, really enjoyed it. Everything from the story to the characterization to the art. The art especially. It’s a great mini-series that tells a lost story from Bucky’s past, with a handful of excellent moments*. It brings in some of the new mythology from the movie, as well as ALL OF THE EMOTIONAL TERRORISM. There is one part in particular, where Bucky is forced to briefly remember who he is, that had be sobbing big gross tears all over my comic. Be warned, there are some female characters in it that do not make it out alive, but if I remember correctly, they are not ‘fridged’, ie: killed to provide motivation to a male character. They are collateral damage, as well as a lot of male characters, because you’re dealing with the Winter Fucking Soldier.

So in a nutshell (A REALLY FUCKING BIG NUTSHELL SORRY), yeah you should read it. I read it, bought it, and loved it. My favorite Bucky store since he punched a bear in that Russian Gulag. Remender is guilty of some seriously poor writing a lot of the time, but he has some good stories in him. See also: X-Force Dark Angel Saga.

Buy it. I did!

*there’s a part where he beats the shit out of old boring white nick fury in the 60s and tbh it’s pretty fucking satisfying.

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Flatbear, I want to start reading some Mighty Avengers, so I have gone to Amazon to look at trades and I don't even know where to begin. I am new to comics, live in a tiny little village with no comic shop anywhere remotely close and am at a loss at where to start. Please could I have some advice! Titles of books, anything, there seems to be so many to choose from I don't know where or which to start with first! Thank you in advance.


Oh my gosh, okay. Um. So Mighty Avengers. That’s a tough one to start off on! There are literally half a dozen different teams that go by that name (possibly more), and they all have NOTHING to do with eachother. I will tell you about the three versions that i am the most familiar with, and hopefully that will help!

The first one was a straight up Avengers team run by Carol Danvers and Tony Stark. The first book in that series is called The Ultron Inititive and it is GREAT. I have a big ol’ hardcover copy of it, and I ~love it.

The second team is my FAVORITE incarnation of the Mighty Avengers, and you can read more about my avengers-crush right here! The first book in THAT series is called Earth’s Mightiest.

The THIRD team is the newest, and it’s chock-full of non-white characters, which makes everybody (EXCEPT RACISTS!*) happy! Luke Cage, White Tiger, Monica Rambeau, Blade, Blue Marvel and MORE! The first book in THAT series is called No Single hero.

I hope that helps, I know how confusing it can be! They’re all GREAT books and I absolutely recommend all of them :)

*some racists might like that book idk what goes on in the mind of a racist.

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I AM THE CRAZIEST. I am so desperate for a split 10gal tank for two male bettas, or a female sorority tank, but I think marchingjaybird is ready to kill me…

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gosh, i saw someone else send you an ask like this and realized, i'm not sure how long i've been following you but you were part of the reason i finally picked up hawkeye and now i've spent the last few months reading nothing but comics (i have an enabling friend) and i think about bucky barnes at least once a day since winter soldier came out. somehow i feel like it is partially your fault. thank you.


I love and adore every single person I have ‘persuaded’ to read comics :)

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Have you read Storm #1? I'm not noticing people talking about it, so I was wondering if it was good. Thanks!

I have! It’s good. Not great, not yet, but I think it might be. I love books where they show how insanely overpowered she is, she’s an omega-level mutant for sure, and I think this one might be heading there.

Give it a try!

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i'm not a comic book person at all, as in i might have read a comic book once when i was younger, but after seeing guardians of the galaxy, i'm in love with nebula and gamora and i want to know more about them and this ask can basically be summed up with do you know if the comics gave more backstory/literally any information on them that wasn't in the movie?

You know, I’m not a HUGE Guardians fan, so I don’t actually know! Can anyone else help out?

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I hope your dealing with d-bag quotient has been low lately. You and Mary are so beautiful together, and I hope you both have a great day!


You are very very sweet, thank you :)

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Following you caused me to fall in love with comic books, especially Marvel Cosmic, so the fact that I cried when Rocket had Groot in a little flowerpot is all your fault and I hope you're happy. You made me this way. Also you're awesome and continue arting.


oh my gosh stop you’re too lovely <3 <3 <3

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"This has been your daily dose of OH MY GOD SOMEONE IS TALKING ABOUT MY TINY COUNTRY LET ME IMMEDIATELY TELL YOU EVERYTHING I KNOW." <<--- LOL Oh Boy do we (well some of us) ever understand what you mean by that. Signed *Other People From Other Tiny Countries*

IT’S A DAILY STRUGGLE! I’m  so thrilled when I see stuff popping up form my tiny corner of the world :)

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Hey I was hoping you could signal boost a really awesome comic kickstarter. Valor is a fairy tale comic anthology featuring kickass women and drawn by a selection of incredible webcomic artists. It's fully funded but more support always helps (and the creators are also donating copies to libraries - more support, more donations). (Apparently I can't include a link but google Valor Kickstarter - it should the first result)


This looks AWESOME! I can absolutely give it a bump!

Check out Valor, right here!

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You're doing a comic expo! But I have two questions. One, can you/should you cosplay, and two, can you take video/pictures? =D I ask because I'm moving to NC near Asheville soon and I'm considering going.


Yaaaaaaay moving to Asheville! Asheville is lovely!

YES you should cosplay! There will be a big lovely cosplay contest! And you can TOTALLY take video and photos!


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You are Clint Barton.

I got literally two dozen replies in the five seconds that post was live, and they all said Hawkeye.

I need to re-examine my life choices.

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aaaaaa!!! that's so cool you and Mary are getting into Mass Effect!!!!!! You're both going to love it!!! (spongebob eager dance)


OH DUDE Mass Effect is our everything. Mary has played through the games about a thousand times. She hoards Mass Effect crap. Our apartment is  like a depressing Citadel dumpster.

This is the first time I’ve had my own Shephard ;)

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As a proud pansexual I am heRE FOR THIS PLAN YES


I think I fit into…mentally pansexual, physically lesbian. I LIKE TO LOOK AT ALL THE THINGS but I really only want to touch boobies and chests-that-identify-as-boobies.

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