Notorious arter and reader of comics.

This is mainly an Marvel Comics/movies + Lord of the Rings art blog with a slight smattering of Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, Community and more.

I am always happy to answer any asks sent my way!

This blog is occasionally NSFW and NOT spoiler-free. If you ever need me to tag anything, trigger or otherwise, please let me know!

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my tumblr summed up in 7 questions

URL: flatbear

top 5 fandoms you’ll see:

  • Marvel Comics
  • Marvel Cinematic Universe (Sexpos is right, it’s a straight up different bag of cats)
  • DC Comics (Pre-boot only)
  • Doctor Who
  • Supernatural (But usually only on a tuesday)

top 3 celebrities you’ll see:

  • Rdj
  • J-Ren
  • Scar-Jo. I don’t post a whole hell of a lot of celebs.

top 3 other topics you’ll see:

  • Blabbing about art.
  • Talking about my awful cats.
  • Reblogging shit from my wonderful girl. I’m 100% gaybones for her.

do i make graphics? Nope, but I draw all day erry day.

do i liveblog? No never ever no. Liveblogging is the bane of my existance.

my ask box is: Always open, provided you’re polite. Please don’t demand art unless I’m offering. And I usually only answer a couple of anons before I get paranoid about spamming my dash, so unanon when you can. Also I *LOVE* answering questions about comics, so there’s that.

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