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best of marvel butts (8/10) → hawkeye


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Asheville Comic Expo Commissions!


I am taking a LIMITED amount of advance commissions for A.C.E, as I will most likely not be taking any on the day. Due to, you know, organising the convention…

SO! If you would like to request a commission to collect on the day, here is what you need to know!

Commissions will be……

6inch by 6inch bristol paper.

Prismacolor marker, colored pencil, micron pen and white paint.

(examples x and x and x so basically my usual style just, you know, traditionally drawn as opposed to digital)

1 character is preferred.

I am willing to consider all and any fandoms!

I’m looking to do more pinup/pose-esque pieces as opposed to ‘Character x is doing y with z’, mostly because I just don’t have the time for very involved pieces. 

Each commission will be $25, and will be paid in advance (paypal). If I find myself with more spare time over the next few weeks (HA HA), I will take a few more on.

SO! If you are interested or have any questions, please email me at flatbearart@gmail.com and we can talk it over! If you’re not coming to ACE and know someone that is, please pass it on!

*Yep, I’m still working on the pieces from my last commission sale. I get them out one or two a week. Sorry about the slow pace, but you know, life :(

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"How long have you been standing there?"
"About 30 seconds."
"Then yeah, just Britney Spears."

insp by x ( starkiest )

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Clint my darling one day we will see you sitting in a chair like a normal adult human with a bank account and friends and shows with laces and everything.

Clint my darling one day we will see you sitting in a chair like a normal adult human with a bank account and friends and shows with laces and everything.

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Clint 12 please!

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Aww, elevator


IDK, but I just saw a Lego Avengers thing on Netflix with Black Widow, so maybe that?

That one, though fantabulous, sadly contains none of the Hawkguy.

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finally updated and formatted for a sticker design. LOWER THE BAR ON ALL YOUR SURFACES.

finally updated and formatted for a sticker design. LOWER THE BAR ON ALL YOUR SURFACES.

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clintasha week | day one: friendship/partnership

"Barton and Romanoff. They never have an extraction plan."
"They know that going in."

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i have unending love for this time period in Clint’s life as a costumed hero…

i have unending love for this time period in Clint’s life as a costumed hero…

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Things lamentforboromir came up with while we watched Avengers.


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your post about bucky and clint makes me ridiculously happy, because it's been a joke between my friend and I for a while now that they'd totally be partners in crime ;-;



marchingjaybird theorized that Nat would be having a really, REALLY hard time growing accustomed to the fact that the man she had loved so much was back, but it wasn’t him anymore, and Bucky just couldn’t deal with that.

So in a drunken stupor, and you know that’s gotta be a lot of booze, Clint and Bucky devise a plan to break into the Smithsonian and steal the Hope Diamond, because if Buck brings that back to Nat, she’s gotta know he’s still her man.

Plus Clint keeps saying something about how the old lady threw it into the ocean at the end of ‘Titanic’ so Bucky figures yeah, it’s gotta be special.

So they hijack one of the few Quinjets that Tony bought from the government after SHIELD took a shit and died, hit up DC, and make a fuckin’ mess of things. They’re the opposite of stealthy, Bucky completely forgets the diamond, and Clint hoofs it out of there with an armful of dinosaur bones. Because dinosaurs are cool. And Bruce would like them. Because science.

So they’re stuck in a tree outside of the Museum of Natural History when Cap, Nat and Sam finally catch up with them. Steve is so dissapointed, Sam tries to get the bones from Clint which dissolves into a screaming match and so many double-entendres, and Nat…

Nat looks at the idiot in the domino mask with the metal arm and figures she could probably learn to love this lost soul, too.

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Okay so I’m thinking Clint and Bucky are super not going to get along at ALL once Bucky is done bugging out and comes crawling back home, and Clint comes back from the twilight zone or wherever the fuck he is.

Because who the hell is this blonde fucker with the bow and arrow who thinks he’s soooo close to Natasha and he’s got all these mission in-jokes with Steve and of course he knows Sam from seeing him around DC.

But see, Clint is the only one that doesn’t give a shit. He’s going to call him Ivan, and Vlad, and Dmitri, and he’s going to laugh like a donkey when someone makes an old man joke. And he’s the only one that doesn’t walk on eggshells around the arm. Tony’s talking shit about a big green rage monster, and Clint’s making jokes about a one-armed man that killed his wife*.

And it’s really nice. Because Steve hovers a lot, and Bucky can’t always deal with that. And for the first year or so, Nat always gives him this sad stare when she thinks he’s not looking. Because Steve got his Bucky Back, but James…James is gone. James was made by Hydra, and her James is gone. Bucky, she’s getting used to, but James isn’t coming back.

And sometimes Buck just needs to get the fuck away from that. He needs to go and spar with someone that eagerly turns up the visceral, angry, anti-establishment music, someone that can take a punch and someone that can fight dirty, someone that’s not afraid to scream, between spitting out mouthfuls of blood, that he’s going to rip that goddamned futzin’ metal arm right off you and beat you with it!

Because I can’t help but feel that two scrapping, skinned-knees kids that grew up dirt poor, did what they had to in order to survive, lost whoever was close to them, had their entire world upside down, found one hell of a companion in a certain red headed lady, hero-worship a big blonde dude, and know what it’s like to have someone else pulling on your strings, and making you hurt the people that you love…

I can’t help but feel like they would be pretty good friends. Eventually. You gotta warm to Clint.

*He has no earthly idea what Clint is talking about until they sit him down and make him watch The Fugitive, and then every thursday is Tommy Lee Jones action movie night from then on.

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