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How a four year old brought me to my knees.

So some good stuff has been happening lately, a few things are in motion and I’ve been feeling pretty good about myself. Getting a little bit of a big head.

Anyway. My boss’s daughter was at the store on wednesday, telling me all about her 4th birthday party on thursday, as we were drawing together on a big sheet of paper. She was drawing monsters, and I asked her if it was cool if I drew some sunhats on said monsters. She seemed okay with it, so I did. She then put her hand on mine, looked at me, and said:

"You don’t know how to draw, do you?

And I came crashing down to earth in about .5 seconds. Oh, and when we finished our drawings and signed them, she informed me that my name was Butt and made me write it. So it was Monsters by Thalia and Butt.

I love that kid.