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Hey kids!

I know my tumblr is kind of…fucked up right now, I’m not sure what’s up but I’m guessing there’s some issues with the theme. Apologies to anyone being inconvenienced!

And apologies to anyone waiting for me to upload art or answer art, I know I’ve been quiet lately! My store is literally moving to a MUCH BIGGER location LITERALLY TOMORROW so I’m working through 7 days without a break and I am le exhausted! As soon as we are in and moved and good, I will resume ask and art spam :)

And hey, just one more thing, eeee. Some shit happened at work today that I don’t really want to go into because ugh I got upset, but long story short it was the first homophobic douchebag I have had to deal with in like…ever. So I got really mad and upset*. But the reaction of my friends (IF I WERE THERE I WOULD HAVE BEATEN THE SHIT OUT OF THAT GUY) and my boss (NEXT TIME HE COMES IN, CANCEL HIS PULL LIST AND TELL HIM HE’S BANNED) made me so fucking happy that I can’t even. Thanks guys :)

*ordinarily I would be the first person in line to tear apart any brand of ‘phobe but I have this unfortunate tendency to maintain a level of professionalism when I’m at work, which left me feeling kind of helpless. And I fucking hate feeling helpless.