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Kids, please.

Try not to take too seriously an unconfirmed report on whether a book will be cancelled or not. From my personal experience, we can’t keep Captain Marvel in store. Our orders grow every month, and every month we have new people coming in and picking up the book. I also have it on good authority that digital sales are making bank.

If a book that seems otherwise successful is failing in the eyes of a publisher, that’s because of the pre-order system. The ancient, antiquated, out of date pre-order system. The people that are coming in droves to buy Captain Marvel are new, shiny, eager to get into the world of comics. The pre-order system means nothing to them - there’s enough confusion for a new comics reader as it is. Marvel, DC and the others need to stop looking at pre-orders, and start looking at sales figures. Online buzz. Fan clamoring.

But for now, we have to make do with what we have. And that is the pre-order system. So if you love Captain Marvel - HELL, IF YOU LOVE ANY BOOK - go into your local comic store and make sure they are pre-ordering it for you. Don’t be afraid, don’t think that you will be thought of as silly, or a hysterical newb. Trust me, they’ve seen worse*.

For those of you that are buying digital? You can still pre-order! Check here every week for the next issue to come up on pre-order. All it takes is a click, and it will ensure that your support is heard. Want to do MORE? You can write in to Marvel. SHOW YOUR SUPPORT FOR THE BOOKS YOU LOVE, and if you would like to see your letters in print, mark them OK TO PRINT.

The address you need is mheroes@marvel.com. Please use it with tact, use it to support and cheerlead, not harrass and spam.

Need some more proof that this is unconfirmed rumor-mongering? Look at Kelly Sue Deconnick. Look how vocal she is, how much she interacts with her fans. We are so lucky to have a creator so eager to get elbows-deep into the fanbase. If she needed our help, don’t you think she would have asked? Why are you flocking to this rumor when we have the woman behind the woman in arm’s reach? (Uh, please don’t spam her askbox, though. She’s very busy. Kids-and-Fraction-wrangling and all.)

Okay this is getting kind of lengthy, so I will wrap it up. Remember kids, just because you read it on the internet, doesn’t mean it’s true. But showing our rampant support never hurts. Oh, and while I’m here. I’ve heard from a few people who have threatened to drop the book because they’re not fond of Filipe Andrade’s art (and Jordie Bellaire’s PHENOMENAL coloring). All I can say to you at this time, is this. If you are considering dropping a genre-bending, ground-breaking, female-lead and written book because you don’t like an artist that, so far, is only doing two issues? You need to grow the fuck up. I’m not much of a Dexter Soy fan, but I recognize a chance to change the face of comics when I see one. If you have ever once looked at a comic book and been upset at the lack of positive female representation, you are honor-bound to pick up Captain Marvel, and show your support, regardless of how you feel about the individual aspects of the book.

Flatbear out.

*two times now, I have had people with exceedingly dead eyes come into my store and try to convince me that The Doctor is real, because of TARDIS cave drawings. Someone wanting to learn about pre-orders is a refreshing piece of normalcy. Trust me.