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I'm sure you have been asked this before, but I have a short attention span and am not supposed to be on tumblr at work (shhhhhhhhhh). if I am looking to get into Young Avengers as you've been tempting me to do (the Gillen/McKelvie), is it necessary for my understanding of everything to hunt down the Young Avengers Vol #1 (Heinberg/Cheung) first?

I wouldn’t say it’s VITAL, but it IS a good read. The first two Young Avengers volumes have been collected in one big book which makes it MUCH easier to get. Of the new YA, the only faces you would recognize are Billy, Teddy and Kate. Oh, and the art is phenominal. Jim Cheung is a star.

If you’re going to read anything, read Children’s Crusade. It’s a nice little story, it sets up some of the angst that will be affected the characters in KG’s run, and Clint has sex with a doom bot. So. You know. It’s really good stuff. It’s currently out in hardback trade!

So for that suggested reading list….

  • Young Avengers vol 1 and 2
  • Children’s Crusade.
You can read through Dark Reign and the rest if you want, but I don’t think it’s needed. And it’s quite hard to find. Young Avengers Presents is also REALLY quite good. It’s a collection of short stories about each of the kids, and the original heroes that shaped their identities. The one about Eli and his grandfather is fantastic, but the best is the one featuring Kate and Clint’s first meeting. I believe that issue (written by current Hawkthority Matt Fraction) will be reprinted in the first trade of Fraction and Aja’s Hawkeye. That’s coming out March 2…6th? 28th? One of those!