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It always surprises me how rude other people are to you at times. I don't agree with everything you've said on your blog, but that's no reason to insult you or try to get into some pissing match with you (you'd kick my ass in both categories too but that's beside the point). I really respect you and I hope you have a lovely week. <3


Okay I said I wasn’t going to answer any of the anons (although they are all appreciated), but this one is such a rare and wonderful fucking flower that I can’t help myself.

See this, kids? We don’t all have to agree with eachother 100%. We are allowed to have differing opinions. I absolutely do on many occasions, and I welcome lively conversation.

Please, if anyone ever disagrees with me, don’t hide behind anon. I won’t think less of you for voicing your opinion, I will in fact admire you for it. There’s not enough of it going around, in a respectful manner.

I hope you have a lovely week too, anon. Mine will wrap up with a 5 hour extended Two Towers binge, so it will be lovely indeed.