Notorious arter and reader of comics.

This is mainly an Marvel Comics/movies + Lord of the Rings art blog with a slight smattering of Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, Community and more.

I am always happy to answer any asks sent my way!

This blog is occasionally NSFW and NOT spoiler-free. If you ever need me to tag anything, trigger or otherwise, please let me know!

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You are the Hillary Clinton of calling out art stealers/reposters.

Thank you :) I admit to enjoying it more than I should. It’s a chance to show my innate Scorpio-ness.

And thank you to the sweet anons (which I won’t post, because you know, dash spam), but it’s all good. Hate anons really honestly don’t both me. If someone was actually mad enough at me to refrain from hiding behind anonymity, I would take it seriously. If you looked up impotent rage in the dictionary, there would be a screencap of anon hate. It ain’t no thing.