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Decorated our student apartment with the awesome avengers ornaments by the amazing flatbear! They turned out awesome! I love how in my setup Tony is right in the middle. Because he’s Tony and he’s the center of everything!

I’m gonna complain about Tony for a moment now. Fucking. Tony. He was so difficult to cut out. I started with them all on just plain paper and he ripped when I was cutting around the lights with my xacto knife :( so I printed him again and glued them all to some spare poster board. I cut everyone else out and saved Tony and Spidey for last. And then Tony goes and fucking rips again. I was (somewhat) able to glue it back together, but still. There was no need for him to be that difficult. But it’s Tony so of course he’s going to be difficult.

Oh well, it still ended up looking great. And they made an awesome addition to the apartment! Thank you so much for making them!

AHHH these look awesome! That is some SERIOUS dedication to cutting out!