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Mary: Hay
Me: What?
Mary: On a tropical island!
Underneath the molten lava moon!
Hangin' with the hula dancers!
Askin' questions cause they got all the answers!
Puttin' on lotion!
Sittin' by the ocean!
Rubbin' it on mah bodae!
Rubbin' it on mah bodae!
Get me out of this ca-aa-aave!
Cause its nothin' but a gladiator gra-aa-ave
And if I stick to the pla-aa-an!
I think I'll turn into a lava ma-aa-an!
Think I'll turn into a ~LAVA MAN!
Me: Slow night at work, huh?
Mary: Yup. Trick or treating at the mall.
Me: All hopped up on candy, are you?
Mary: Yup. You can put that on Tumblr. ;)
Me: Oh, I already have.