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Captain Marvel Jumping On Points


So, maybe time travel just wasn’t your thing, but you’re CM-curious just the same?  Two great jumping on points coming up, I want you to be aware of—

Captain Marvel Issue 7

Begins a two-issue arc co-written with one of my dearest friends, Christopher Sebela (SCREAMLAND). It’s two, two, two Captains Marvel in one! Featuring former-Captain Marvel and current badass, MONICA RAMBEAU. Art by Dexter Soy.  The story is set off the coast of New Orleans and centers around a mysterious undersea graveyard.  

Captain Marvel Issue 9

Begins Life in NYC with Carol Danvers a/k/a Captain Marvel, featuring artwork by Filipe Andrade. She can bring home the bacon, fry it up in a pan, stop a bank robbery, buy cat litter, save the world and get Tracy to her check up on time.  Also: butterfly protocols breached! Repercussions ahoy. 

No pressure. But if you looking to join us, 7 and/or 9 are good places to take the plunge. 

KIDS!! A lot of you have asked me where to start reading on Captain Marvel. If you have had trouble trying to get the first few issues, here are some upcoming places to start!!