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dr-kara replied to your post: Hey, so remember how Clint and Jess are supposed to be a couple? I think everyone at Marvel forgot…

I liked them as a couple from her end because she needs something good in her life lol but from his end? no absolutely not, I agree with this single phase* (besides it got in the way of my Carol/Jess ship anyway xD)

After the whole Bobbi/Reunion thing, I feel like the dude needs a break. Some reflection time. An internal come-to-jesus meeting. Some serious self-love. More serious than usual.

I wouldn’t mind Clint/Jess so much if there was some time spent showing how their relationship actually works, but naturally with comics, we understand that punching and CATACLYSMIC WORLD CHANGING EVENTS get in the way of things like that. 

(NGL I MIGHT BE A LITTLE BIASED TOWARDS CAROL/JESS BUT HEY A GIRL CAN DREAM RIGHT? Half the fun of reading comics is making your own shit up ho ho~)