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I know you're the comic book queen of knowledge so I have a bit of a silly question: if we haven't bought a previous issue of a comic book, is it still available to be bought from stores or should we order it online? I've never bought comic books and I'm kind of eyeing these shiny new Hawkeye ones.

Aw one of many Comic Queens on tumblr, but thank you :)

It depends on how fast the book sells, the Hawkeye ones…you might get lucky. Maybe! Call your local store and see if they have them in, and if they can stash them for you. If they don’t, head to comixology.com and get on that, stat!

I would also recommend that with Captain Marvel, and the new Winter Soldier. Both are new enough that they can be easily caught up on. Also Uncanny Avengers, which started last week!

Good luck!