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Random thought: who do you think is closer in terms of bro-ness? And who has the better relationship? Steve and Bucky? Tony and Rhodey? Natasha and Clint? Tony and Pepper, even? Like. I dunno. In comparison, who works in which ways? Comparing the three is interesting to me. (And something I want to know about YOU: what kind of fandom behavior makes you want to claw your own eyes out, if there is any?)


This is a tricky one, because these relationships are all so different. Sticking to comics only, without fandom conjecture (BORING I KNOW), I would say that Steve and Bucky have the most intense relationship. They’re brothers, they’re father and son, they’ve been enemies, they’ve been Hero and Sidekick, Legacy and Protegee. I don’t think it’s always been a healthy relationship, in general terms, but I think they both have the most to lose by losing eachother, which they’ve both done several times.

Fandom behavior  Oh, there is so much. Spamming the personal twitter accounts of the actors, actresses and creators of shows is, to me, embarrassing and disgusting. The recent Loki-gate that had Hiddleston apologizing for something he had NOTHING to do with was absolutely mindboggling. I fully believe in Fandom keeping Fandom to itself. The whole Teen Wolf thing with them all being aware of Sterek is fun, but I don’t want to see it go too far. I’m too British for that shit.

I also have a huge problem with people being unable to see every side of characters they love (LOKI). I love Clint, but I know he’s a reckless douchebag who is unable to commit to a relationship for longer than a few years, and I’m getting real sick of his ‘I’M JUST A REGULAR JOE. GOTTA PROVE MYSELF. CAN’T NEVER FAIL’ shtick. It doesn’t make me love him any less, but I think it’s important to see the flaws in a character, no matter how loveable they may be.

You know, like a certain Frost Giant being a mass murdering genocidal maniac dictator wannabe. Yes, he has pretty hair, but you’re doing the character (and his actor) a disservice by not seeing him as a whole, well developed, fully formed villain…