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This is mainly an Marvel Comics/movies + Lord of the Rings art blog with a slight smattering of Game of Thrones, Parks and Recreation, Community and more.

I am always happy to answer any asks sent my way!

This blog is occasionally NSFW and NOT spoiler-free. If you ever need me to tag anything, trigger or otherwise, please let me know!

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Well, first things first - I love your drawings! They're awesome! Now for the questions; where do you get your ideas for the Avengers comics, and do you do them for other fandoms?

Thank you!

Any comic I draw is inspired by fandom and fandom alone. The pure batshittery that I draw comes from things I see as I scroll through my dash, and absorb posts like a sponge. 

Right now, I draw primarily Avengers because comics is my laif. There’s no telling what might happen in the future, but with the MCU being what it is, I don’t think that will change any time soon.

Except when Guardians of the Galaxy comes out. Then this will be n a GOTG appreciation LIFE. YOU HAVE BEEN WARNED.