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Sorry, total comics newb question right here, but what does the average fan spend on comics per week? I remember when my sister had a total DC boner going on she would lay down some serious bank every week, but I'm not sure what's considered reasonable.


Mary and I are what I would consider average comic book fans, and we spend a pretty decent chunk of change. Most comics average between $3 and $6, annuals and special issues reaching as high as $8. We usually spend up to $30 a week on comics, but a big week (new titles, collected trades, etc) we spend up to $50. Buying comics and eating out now and then are literally all we do.

When we were still buying DC as well as Marvel, we would average around $60 a week. The New 52 Clusterfuck has been nice on our bank account. Marvel Now! will probably hurt a little, but much to the chargrin of our store, we’re constantly dropping and picking up books, so it evens out :)

One of the upsides of buying from local stores is that, if you have a subscription or ‘pull’ list, some stores will give you a discount per book. This might only be enough to cover tax, but the more you buy, the higher the discount.