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And I am SO excited!!

For those of you coming out for it, I will be manning the Comic Envy table for most of the day, with the delicious and candy-coated Marchingjaybird. I will be wearing a Captain America shirt, and am pretty easy to spot.

Just look for this face!

That’s the one. Just less tired looking. No, wait. More tired. WAY more.

I probably won’t have much time to draw throughout the day, BUT if anyone wants to stick around after, maybe get dinner as a post-con group, I will be happy to break out the sketchbook!

ALSO. ALSO! DAY OF THE DOODLES IS GOING TO BE THERE! And they’re going to be selling their fucking AMAZING TARDIS CLOCKS.

So come on! Come see me and my lady and our friends! and god willing, both Mary and I will be on a panel tomorrow, so you can also hear us shriek about comics!

FUN FOR THE WHOLE FANDOM. Check out the deets here!