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Online Users

Dead dog post-

Okay wow, I’ve seen a couple of people reblog this, and while I don’t condone animal abuse in any form, it doesn’t mean I need to be constantly exposed to it.

If you want to reblog it for a signal boost, wherever you might be boosting said signal to, please for the love of god tag it. With ‘Animal Abuse’ or ‘TW: Animal Abuse’ or, you know, anything? I have pretty much every version of it TS’d.

I could have gone my entire life without seeing that shit. Also, what does anyone think signal boosting and reblogging is going to do? WHERE IS THIS SIGNAL BEING BOOSTED TO? If these claims have been verified, this individual can be reported to the ASPCA, the Humane Society, and to the Pet Cruelty hotline.

Which would be considerably preferable to having to see this grotesque abuse over and over on my dash.