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So guys!  Guess what yesterday was?

Yesterday was Clint Barton’s birthday - the forty-eighth anniversary of his first appearance in Tales of Suspense #57!

“Oh, yeah?” you say.  ”What’s it to me?” you say.

Well, here’s what it is to you today.  In honour of Clint’s birthday, Fuck Yeah Clint/Coulson are giving away stuff!  Yeah, you heard that right: stuff!

Here’s what you get:

- a brand-new copy of the Hawkeye: Blindspot trade paperback
- a 8x5” watercolour sketch of your choosing by gilesfarnaby
- a 1” Coulson Lives badge 

Here’s what you do if you want it:

- like or reblog this post (yep, you read that right: likes count! and if you like and reblog, you get two entries)
- there are no formal rules about the number of times you can reblog this, but please be courteous and don’t spam people’s dashboards
- you don’t have to be following us, but, y’know, it’d be nice
- enter by Friday at midnight
- if you win, we’ll need a postal address for you (and you’ll need to have your askbox open so that we can let you know)
- you can live anywhere in the world; no limits on who can enter

Here’s what we do:

- choose a winner by random number generator
- drop an ask in your askbox letting you know you won and asking for your address and your sketch request

Okay!  Right!  Here we go, then.  Any questions, feel free to drop them in our ask or submit boxes.

Happy birthday, Hawkeye!