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Dear fandom,





Stop treating Pepper Potts as if she is inconsequential.  Stop calling her a bitch. Stop saying she’s ruining Tony Stark.  Just.  Stop.

Pepper is brilliant.  Leave her the fuck alone.  Without her Tony Stark would have self destructed long ago.

reblogging to add: Pepper existing doesn’t ruin your precious Stony. saying that implies she has to other reason to exist, and that makes me want to laugh you off the face of the planet.

Seriously. You don’t have to ship it guys (god knows I don’t) but Pepper is vital to Tony so don’t pretend that she’s not even there.

I for one am sick of Tony ruining my Happy/Pepper ship. Fuck that guy. Sticking his dick where it doesn’t belong. Happy/Pepper OTP forever.

Get out of here Tony. Go back to your boyfriend…