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peachsodapixie replied to your post: why don’t you like The Big Bang Theory?

This post gave me something to think about. I like the show, I have related to it mainly because the characters remind of the environment I grew up in. Never gave much thought of other people laughing AT them instead of with them I guess?

I’m glad it gave you something to process! I did pretty much the same thing - saw a few gif sets and clips, had a laugh, thought…okay, this might be something relatable. And then I actually watched it. And no. By all mean,s please don’t take my words as rote. Form your own opinions, but I am very glad that something I said resonated :)

exfatalist replied to your postwhy don’t you like The Big Bang Theory?

Got told recently I sounded like someone off TBB and asked if my roommate and I had a list. I’ve watched maybe 2 eps, so I was kind of insulted to find out what “the list” was? I was thinking, lol, I’m capable of being a functioning adult AND geeky!

Ugh, right?  It was already such a fucking shock for people to accept that I’m an adult, I’m in a long term relationship, I take care of myself and my wife, and yet all of my hobbies and passions come with the assumption that I’m living in a basement somewhere. This fucking show didn’t help that.