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why don't you like The Big Bang Theory?


Aaah I was waiting for this anon. Time to get out my unpopular opinions.

There are a lot of little reasons why I don’t like TBB. I don’t like the sitcom format, I don’t particularly like any of the cast, and there’s a focus on DC comics that doesn’t exactly draw me in. Honestly, the only redeeming factor I can see it having is the occasional appearance of Katee Sackhoff. 

But my biggest problem? I feel that it portrays my culture in an incredibly negative light. It reinforces the stereotype that all comic book nerds and other varieties of geeks are socially backwards, awkward, and generally incapable of communicating effectively with other people, and in public. Do you know how damaging stereotypes like that are?

I’ve dealt, personally, with more bullshit for liking comics than I have for being gay. I work hard in print, in person, and on the radio to get rid of such damaging stereotypes. The people I associate myself with are intelligent, polite, socially acceptable, engaging people in healthy relationships with very rounded lives. The popularity of a show that implies the opposite is hurtful, and frustrating.

I’m not saying there aren’t people in nerd culture that are similar to the characters on the show. Every group of people has their embarrassing part. I really, honestly hate to be ‘that person’, but I sideye the hell out of anyone that holds up an appreciation of The Big Bang Theory and spouts about what a big nerd they are. You’re not laughing with us. You’re laughing at us.

It’s not that I don’t appreciate the intelligence of the show. It’s very smart, and very sound. But if I want to watch a deliciously geeky show that makes me proud to be a nerd? I’ll watch the first four seasons of Futurama.

(And before I get a bunch of scolding anons, please don’t waste your time, they will all be deleted. I don’t care if you like TBB, that’s your right. I couldn’t give less of a shit if you like something that I don’t. It really has absolutely no bearing on my life, so pleeeease don’t bother.)