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who is the big spoon/little spoon

Neither. Bruce is kind of touchy about having someone cling to him when he’s asleep, and Clint gets that. They start out the night on either sides of the bed, but more often lately they’re waking up curled around eachother.

what is their favorite non-sexual activity

Nerd 20 questions. usually about other Avengers, although Bruce will slip in some science when he wants to trip Clint up. Coincidentally, Clint has started referring to sex as ‘Slipping in some science’…

who uses all the hot water in the morning

Bruce. Do you have any idea how long it takes to thoroughly wash all of that body hair? Even with help? Really, really eager help okay, Clint. Clint, that’s enough. Stop. The water is cold. What are you doing, get up, you’ll get soap in your eyes and…oh…oh okay…ngh…

what they order from take out

Do you know how hard it is to find good vegetarian takeout in New York? Okay, it’s…actually pretty easy. Bruce is just fussy. Really fussy. So he usually just cooks for himself. Clint sits on the edge of the counter with a carton full of cashew chicken and noodles, and watches.

what is the most trivial thing they fight over

See the above Clint sitting on the counter? Yeah. That’s what they fight about. Clint’s tendancy to drape himself everywhere. On counters, couches, over work benches, in Bruce’s lap. He’s like a beanie baby - a terrible beanie baby.

who does most of the cleaning

Oh, Bruce. Bruce does practically everything. He cleans, but it’s not really as in-depth as most people. He likes a little clutter, it’s comforting. Plus watching Clint trip over his boots in the morning is always entertaining.

what has a season pass in their DVR

Crime shows. Law and orders, Monk, CSIs, etc. Trashy crime shows that they can both shut their brain totally off for. But most of the time, it’s Bruce reading with Clint’s head in his lap.

who leaves their stuff around

Clint. Always Clint. His place is lines with rows of shit kicked to the side, with little pathways forged through the crap leading to bathroom, bedroom, and kitchen.

who remembers to buy the milk

Clint. He’s the only one that drinks it, and does so every morning. he usually needs to buy a new gallon every night. And picks up a head of lettuce for Bruce. Because it makes him laugh.

who remembers anniversaries

Neither of them. After everything, they both get a little nervous when it comes to marking the passage of time. They take every day as it comes, and one day, ten years down the track, they might go out for a quiet dinner. But not say why.