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Ain’t no thing like me!

So for those asking, we sell these at Comic Envy :) I went to take a picture of this and my boss, standing behind the counter closing the register, went ‘WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TAKE A SELFIE WITH ROCKET I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO INSTRUCT YOU IN SELFIES.’


Ain’t no thing like me!

So for those asking, we sell these at Comic Envy :) I went to take a picture of this and my boss, standing behind the counter closing the register, went ‘WHAT THE FUCK ARE YOU DOING TAKE A SELFIE WITH ROCKET I CAN’T BELIEVE I HAVE TO INSTRUCT YOU IN SELFIES.’

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Can I get an Amen for Groot’s little two-plate bark booty?


I tagged you in a post for the I Am Groot ringtone. Hope that's what you were looking for! <3

Ahhh that’s awesome, thank you!

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Ain&#8217;t no thing like me!

Ain’t no thing like me!

I talked about Bucky Barnes so much that my grandparents thought he was a boy I was dating. Oops.


You are my hero.

My hero.

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Okay world where is my I Am Groot ringtone.


TICKETS ARE NOW ON SALE! Just go to Ticketmaster and search for Asheville Comic Expo! It will be taking place on September 20th in Asheville, North Carolina, and I am SO EXCITED.

This con is my baby, guys. My boss and I and everyone that works here and everyone that loves my store, we work on it year round. It’s heartbreaking and had work and stressful and I love it so much. This con is my child.

If you are in the area or know anyone that is, please let them know! A.C.E is growing by leaps and bounds every year. Check out the website to see more of our special guests!

(and yes! I will have a table from which I will be directing people and freaking out and I need to work out an A.C.E exclusive print to do ho ho…)

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier | Gag reel

My LCS pulls any and all variant covers they get and marks them up from the cover price, usually by $15 to $20. Is this usual/moral/legal? (They also pre bag and board everything, and charge an additional 20 cents for it. You cannot opt out. It all feels super sketchy.)


The variant thing is standard fare, even for my store. We don’t usually mark variants up THAT much, unless it’s like a 1 in 50 or up. We’ve sold one or two super rare ones for over $100.

The fact is, stores might have to order 50 copies of a book they only sell 25 copies off in order to qualify for one copy of a variant cover. They have to make that money up somehow, and variant people be crazy (ask me about my Adventure time variant collection oi…)

The bagging and boarding thing, however, that is sketchy as fuck. I know some stores b&b the books that go on the shelf just to protect them, i know our books get a little dinged up. But not being able to take them out is….yeah. Yeah that’s douchey. We sell single b&bs for 20c a piece but that’s…that’s an optional thing.

That sounds not cool, bro :(

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Flatbear, you are my motherfuckin' senpai. You're so talented and nice and you have the coolest job and the coolest wife and I wish you nothing but awesome things in your life.


what that is so fucking sweet thank you <3 <3 <3

what you get on tumblr is kind of a…hyper-distilled version of my life. There are bad days, there are horrible days, there are bad things that happen, there are things I wish I could change but damn, man, why show that to other people? If I can make other people happy by posting dumb shit and getting a few laughs, then I am happy as balls to keep doing that.

Thank you, you are so sweet :) And my wife IS cool. You should have seen her at the GotG premiere tonight. All wearing red heels and shit. She’s so hot guys.

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We encountered some enthusiastic snacks today.

We encountered some enthusiastic snacks today.

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guess I gotta learn to draw damn raccoons now.

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Hello! I just saw your drawing of Groot & I wanted to ask if I may use it to make a necklace? It will not be sold, only one made, just for me to wear because it is too cute & I love him. Thank you.

Absolutely! I love seeing people use my art in new mediums :) Thank you for asking, and be sure to send me a pic!

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Look at that sweet pickle. Look at that honey. So obviously, at work, I’ve been talking about Guardians of the Galaxy a lot. And playing the soundtrack a lot. And getting fired a lot. 

And there’s a very cool story that I’ve been telling everyone. Did you know that Groot is one of the oldest Marvel characters still in print? His first appearance was in Tales to Astonish #13, which came out in November, 1960! He’s been in print longer than Marvel comics have been Marvel comics! (Timley comics officially changed their branding to Marvel in 1961).

He’s older than the Fantastic Four, the X-men, AND The Avengers!


Insert tree puns here! (Make like a tree and leaf? Idk.)

What’s really crazy, is Groot disappeared from comics for the next sixteen years! He next showed up in 1976, in The Incredible Hulk Annual  #5, with a crew of other monsters intent on giving Hulk a really bad day.



So sixteen years? That’s a hell of a gap. But Groot’s third appearance didn’t come for another TWENTY-ONE YEARS! In Sensational Spider-man #21, a young Peter Parker reads Tales to Astonish #13 and then encounters Groot in a nightmare that is portrayed as reality.


It? Oh my god, Peter, that giant tree clearly has a name.

After that, Groot bounced around from book to book until finding a more permanent home in Abnett and Lanning’s Guardians of the Galaxy (which just came back into print and you should ALL READ IT BECAUSE SPACE LESBIANS DRAGONS TREES RACOONS TALKING DOGS AND ADAM WAAAAARLOOOOOOCK). That run of Guardians was cancelled in 2010 (WHICH WAS A BONEHEAD MOVE), and then Groot returned to a permanent place in our hearts with the announcement of the GotG movie, and the new ongoing comic series of the same name.

So when you go and see Guardians of the Galaxy thisweekend (or tonight, like me) remember not only is it the first marvel movie written by a woman, but you’re also looking at a great piece of comics history!


(Technically Jim Hammond, Captain America, and Namor are the oldest Marvel characters still in print, but we don’t count Namor because he’s a bitchy gay fishlord.)

(also huge thanks to dragonklaw82 who probably told me this story at some point)

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