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I just heard my boss, on the other side of the store, mention that some comic was better than Winter Soldier, and I actively screamed WHAT very loudly and am now quite embarrassed…

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How are you related to The Rock?

My second cousin on my mom’s side, the pacific island side ;)

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Hey, hey Guys, guess who’s starting a webcomic?? ME!!

 TS14 is about a young black woman who wakes up with no memores but is being blamed for murder.  Follow her and Detective Wu as they figure out who she is and if she did commit these crimes. 

its going to update every wednesday and if you want more updates or want to support the comic follow it on tumblr and check out my Patreon! 

I’m so excited about this! Spread the word! <3 <3


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So life has a funny way of absolutely reaching up and ripping off your scrotum and throwing it on the floor and stomping on it.

And then suddenly maybe presenting you with a shiny new scrotum that is better than the last one and has wifi and HD and may be the scrotum you never knew you wanted.

I don’t know. This doesn’t make much sense. Just wow, life. Way to blindside the fuck out of us,

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Being a true bad ass has no weight or gender requirement - just 100% commitment to greatness
- Dwayne Johnson (The Rock)
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youre a lucky girl, peggy 

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Boss: So Dick Grayson.
Me: Yeah.
Boss: And Bucky Barnes.
Me: Yeah.
Boss: Secret agents.
Me: I see where you're going with this.
Boss: If you don't draw a teamup...
Boss: Perfect.
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I'm working on a script for a comic I'm creating. My cast is primarily female and I'm worried I have too many women. When you're writing CM (since your cast is largely female) do you ever think, "there should be a guy in here somewhere?" And if so, what do you do? I'm really comfortable writing women, and I love my characters... I see no need for anymore men in the story at this time, but I'm afraid it won't appeal to a large enough audience. 3 prominent women to 1 supporting male? Too much?


>too many women

I’m sorry, I don’t know what those words mean in that order. 

>do you ever think, “there should be a guy in here somewhere?”


>I see no need for anymore men in the story at this time, but I’m afraid it won’t appeal to a large enough audience.


You’re trying to sell a thing you haven’t even written yet.  Write the story you would write if you were just going to put it in a drawer.  

Write the story you want to read. 

Write as if you were just going to put it in a drawer might be the best creative advice I’ve ever heard…

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Just in case no one told you today:

  • Good morning
  • You’re beautiful
  • I love you
  • Nice butt
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→ Tywin shielding Tommen

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If you aren’t laughing your ass off about Grayson, Agent of D.I.C.K, then buddy I don’t know what to tell ya.

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hottiemcgreeneyes said:BuckyNat where he trains her during their days in the Red Room


hottiemcgreeneyes said:BuckyNat where he trains her during their days in the Red Room

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Captain America: The Winter Soldier: grimdark is lazy, good is hard work and Jewish American superheroes




First I know nothing about Marvel comics: all my context I got from the films Thor (delightful) and Avengers Assemble (remember very little except it had good jokes and the final action scene was too long), and reading The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier and Clay.

I went to see Captain America: The Winter Soldier last night because of this which I saw a few people reblog:




(okay and also all the gifsets of Sebastian Stan crying. I WAS MIS-SOLD ON THIS FOR THE RECORD, THERE IS LITTLE TO NO CRYING AND ALSO HIS HAIR IS AWFUL.)

If Kavalier and Clay taught me anything it’s threesomes are the best solutions to love triangles Jewish-American cartoonists in the 1930s and early ’40s were all over inventing subversively American heroes to fight Hitler, and I was very unsurprised when I got home and looked it up to learn that Captain America was created by two Jewish guys too. (I know this is really basic comics history stuff and I’m sure fifty people have written dissertations on “He’s A Mensch: The Jewish Identities of Captain America and Superman” or whatever.) What really slotted everything into place was realising that Captain America was created and entered on a cover punching Hitler in the face before America had entered the war.

Basically (right?) Captain America was created by two Jewish-Americans to shame the US into properly fighting Hitler.

Like, I am Captain America, the America you say you want to be, and I challenge you to put your money where your mouth is and actually do something about it. And yes he’s over-the-top and tacky but that’s where the challenge is, right? The chest-thumping American patriotism says “We are good and spread liberty! And also freedom!” and Captain America is like “great! I am that, and I have to point out you are not actually doing that”.

AND I think this is Jewishly on purpose, and here’s why:

Judaism has this important phrase/concept/slogan/life motto from the third-century-ish text Pirkei Avot, which goes: Lo alecha hamlacha ligmor (it’s not to you to complete the work of repairing the world) v’lo atah ben chorin l’hivatel mimena (but neither may you desist from it). You won’t be able to fix the world by yourself, or in your lifetime, but that doesn’t absolve you of responsibility to work towards it.

I feel like grimdark/anti-heroes are a response to the fact that the world is neither good nor moral, like “well if the world isn’t like that, I won’t be either”. But they’re also excuses for not working towards fixing the world: I won’t bother because it’s all fucked anyway. Lo alecha and Captain America say, yes, it is fucked, but you still have to work towards fixing it. And yes, it’s hard, that’s why it’s called work.

Which is why I think saying “Oh, if Captain America represents the US he should be a dick, because the US is a dick” or “Captain America is an imperialist symbol of US superiority and is therefore bad” are both off base and a dodge of having to do that hard work.  

"If Cap = America then Cap = dick because America = dick" is basically just throwing hands up and going "right but guys have you noticed that actually America is imperialist and horrible? DO YOU SEE?!” and implying “so what can you do about that, right?”. Captain America says, “Try to make it better! is what you can do!”

And about saying he’s a symbol of US imperial superiority, I mean, he is a symbol of America but aimed as a criticism at real America.  He’s the American ideal cranked up to five million - for the purpose of shaming America for not living up to what it says it wants to be. And he is aimed at Americans, so I can see a criticism for him being US-centric in that metanarrative sense, but he’s yelling at America to sort their shit out and I think him yelling at non-USAmericans to sort their shit out would be much worse? But I definitely don’t think Cap is supposed to be about how great America is, he’s about pointing out exactly in what ways and how much America is failing to be great. And then saying “but, that doesn’t mean you get out of trying harder!”

Also, how great is it that his ‘weapon’ is a shield.

so um that’s what I thought about when I saw The Winter Solder last night. that and biceps.

This is amazing on so many levels and also makes me want to have a special fandom-centric Shvi’i shel Pesach/seventh night of Passover virtual seder table on Tumblr to talk about the intersections of Judaism and popular culture with food and media crit and discussions of the diaspora.  ALSO everyone should read The Amazing Adventures of Kavalier & Clay.


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For those going on internet blind dates (or just traveling somewhere alone)



Kitestring is a simple webapp that checks up on you and sends a text message to your emergency contacts if you don’t respond by a designated time.

Enter your ETA and Kitestring will send you a text message to reply to. You can extend your check in time via SMS or check in early. If you don’t respond to Kitestring’s text message, your emergency contact(s) will get your customizable alert message. [x]


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